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V International Wushu Championship

Welcome to the official homepage of V International Wushu Championship. The competition was held February 18-20th in Helsinki, capital of Finland. This tournament was organized by Finnish Wushu Kungfu Association and Wushu Association of Baltic & Nordic countries.


The competition was successful, and athletes were awarded in more than 90 events!

You'll find the final results and scores here: score_list.txt

What is wushu?

Wushu (literally translating to "martial art") is a name for all Chinese martial arts. Often referred to as contemporary or modern wushu, it is also a modern competition sport combining different techniques from various classical gongfu (kungfu) styles, with greater emphasis on stunning aerial techniques, tumbling and aesthetics. Introduced in 1950's, wushu became the national sport of China and today it's practiced all around the world.

Wushu is divided into several categories: changquan (northern styles), nanquan (southern styles), taijiquan and traditional forms. All incorporate both bare-handed and weapons forms. These weapons include sword, sabre, cudgel, spear and other traditional Chinese weapons.


There was more than one hundred participants from countries including Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.